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    For Doctors, Healthcare Professionals & Medical Clinics

    State of Delaware

    Tamper Resistant Rx Thermal Paper Rolls

    New laws relative to Medical Prescription Paper took effect in the State of Delaware March 1, 2012

    Micro Format is a Delaware State approved
    manufacturer for Rx Paper Products

    As a State of Delaware approved manufacturer for Rx Paper products, Micro Format will only sell prescription paper products to those authorized by the State of Delaware can purchase Rx Paper products.

    New laws relative to Medical Prescription Paper took effect in the State of Delaware March 1, 2012

    Information on Thermal Paper
    Micro Format Security Thermal Rolls are manufactured
    using Alpha Alpha® 820-3.4 Appleton Thermal Paper.
    Shelf Life and Storage Recommendations

    Rx529 ~ Delaware State THERMAL PAPER Prescription Rolls
    Thermal Rx Paper Rolls WITH BLACK "TIMING" MARK on back of sheet.

    All State Required Security Features Included:

    • 21# High Resolution Thermal Paper
    • Hidden Message Technology ~ "VOID" pantograph
    • Distinctive BLUE Colored Security Background
    • Blue background Erasure Protection
    • Delaware Security Artificial Watermark on reverse side of prescription
    • Unique Production Batch Number
    • Security Information Warning Box specifying security features
    • Coin Rub Validation on back of script
    • Secure Rub Color Change Ink on back of script

    • No deliveries will be made to a private residence.
    • All Suspicious orders WILL BE REPORTED to the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation.


    This number MUST be computer printed
    each time you print a patient script.

    Please notify your software provider that effective March 1, 2012
    the State of Delaware requires that a consecutive number must be printed on all Prescriptions
    issued Controlled Substances.

    Delaware Thermal Rx Paper Rolls

    Rx Paper Rolls for use in the State of Delaware
    Back of Scripts

      For use in Direct Thermal Roll Printers:
    • Star
    • Citizens
    • Dymo 4XL
    • Datamax
    • Zebra

      Item# RX529
      Delaware Format Thermal Paper for use in Thermal Printers
      WITH BLACK "TIMING" MARK on back side of form
      21# Thermal Paper ~ Roll Width = 4-1/4" ~ Roll Diameter = 3-5/8"
      250' roll (approximately 500 scripts/roll)

      16 rolls per carton
      $250.00 per carton
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    Under our licensing agreement, all orders for Document Security Paper are reviewed and the information provided is confirmed by our Document Security Compliance Team. The use of Script Paper is controlled by Federal and State Agencies. Any attempt to purchase script documents by unauthorized persons or by persons providing falsified information will be reported to the proper authorities for prosecution to the full extent of the law.

    Acceptance of any and all orders for Document Security Paper is at the discretion of the Micro Format Document Security Compliance Team.

    Important Information
    It is important to note that copier technology is ever changing.
    Thus hidden "VOID" messages on Document Security Paper will appear most of the time. However messages cannot be guaranteed to appear 100% of the time when used with all copiers or scanners.

    For this reason, there are additional security features incorporated into security paper preventing accurate script duplication.
    It is impossible to accurately duplicate Micro Format Rx Paper.
    You can always identify the original from a copy.

    USA flag - Micro Format, Inc. Micro Format, Inc. is a veteran owned company.
    Micro Format SecureGuard Paper Products are manufactured in the USA from American Made materials.

    Secure Guard Papers
    Prevent Unauthorized Document Duplication
    with SecureGuardtm,
    the world's leading document security paper products

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