Micro Format Tamper Resistant Rx Paper Products meet and exceed all 2009 Medicaid Requirements

We have reviewed the July 17, 2009 National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) letter.
This letter is an excellent attempt by NCPDP to explain "document security features" to the medical community.

All of the medical prescription paper manufactured by Micro Format, Inc. continues to meet and exceed all three categories as defined by Medicaid.
The categories established in a letter written by CMS in August 2007, in our opinion, were arbitrary and were based on a few meetings and discussions with a small number manufacturers of document security paper products. While arbitary at the time the letter was written, the creation of these categories have helped to create standards for an industry that for years only described security features as overt and covert. Once these categories were created, it became a challenge do define them. Additional meetings were held and these overt and covert features were forced into these three vague categories.

In August 2007, the Micro Format Document Security Paper Team evaluated the CMS security categories.
In our professional opinion, we made our determination as to which overt and covert features fell into each catagory.
It was our goal to insure that the products we manufacture contain features that fall into all three categories.

Based upon our findings, we wrote an article that was published June 15, 2007.
It was updated and revised as new information was presented
August 28, 2007, September 17, 2007, October 14, 2007 and March 15, 2009.

Article: Tamper Resistant Paper - Definition

We stand by our intrepretation. We have had numerous conversations with representatives from CMS.
As illustrated in the Examples below, all of the Tamper Resistant Rx Paper Products manufactured by Micro Format, meet and exceed all 2009 Medicaid Requirements.

Example 1 - Tamper Resistant Prescription Pads
Example 2 - Tamper Resistant Laser Rx Paper
Example 3 - Tamper Resistant Thermal Prescription Paper Rolls

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